About Me

Additionally to being the creator of the blog “Pages of Ju”, Judith Eisl is a full-time student at the “Musisches Gymnasium” – a high school in Salzburg, Austria – in need of days longer than 24 hours. Driven by the volition to create a more sustainable societal interaction with nature, she takes pride in being part of the Fridays for Future movement in Austria. As part of Gen Z, her goals include surviving the current climate catastrophe – at least for a couple more years. 

It is of importance to note that nothing – really nothing – qualifies this young lady to write a blog about life, society and politics, other than 17 years of existence on this planet and loads of Google research. However, expressing herself through the written word is like a mental place of retreat for the young writer, and she hopes to inspire and inform those who spend time on her blog. 

Judith Eisl has no special recognitions, prizes or contributions to pride herself on. Nonetheless, she is committed to educating others on her social media platforms and talking about injustices and prejudices in society. 

Contrary to previous assumptions, Judith Eisl quite enjoys writing about herself in the third person, even though it sounds rather pretentious. 

uncaged wallflower 100%
queen of sarcasm 100%
not rebellious but non-conformative 100%
supporter of equality 100%
aspiring to inspire 100%
love is love 100%

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