Black Lives Matter

Black lives matter today, tomorrow and every single day after that. All lives can not matter until all black lives matter. In all honesty, I was hesitant to write something about the current situation regarding the brutal police murders and the Black Lives Matter protests that spread from America to many other parts of the […]

Abuse Pandemic meet Coronavirus Pandemic

The coronavirus is like the Kim Kardashian of viruses – breaking the news with one new story after the other. Controversial, scandalous, notorious. Newspapers and information channels constantly remind us of the number of infected and dead and more than once have they mentioned the drastic repercussions on the economy. Apart from pharmaceutical companies and […]

Strawberry Days Like These

The drugstore department – Where women bleed financially Walking along the shelves of the drugstore, the same sensation of shame around this certain stigma is attached to me like a blood-red shadow as it was during my very first purchase. My gaze brushing the sequence of tampons, pads and more tampons. The price embellishing the […]

Paradox Perfectionism

Trying to achieve the impossible entitled as ‘perfect’ seems to be the default code for some of us. Immaculacy is the keyword for each task and dissatisfaction with everything created. But what is behind all of that?   Ironically, I have deferred finishing and publishing this post because of perfectionistic tendencies of mine. My inhibitions […]

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