New Year, No New Me

According to my pessimistic personality, or as I like to call it, being realistic, down to earth and with an already crushed soul because that’s what life on earth is for, I am not in a transport of delight. People expect others to be a bundle of joy due to the commencement of this new decade, or rather because of the end of the shitshow known as 2020. Nevertheless, personally, I can not relate to these sentiments of being over the moon as a result of 2021. In all honesty, I am not a big fan of the concept of the beginning of new years. New year resolutions, inspirational mood boards and goals for the next twelve months – half of which will not be archived within the planned time period. 

The change from the 31st of December 23:59 to the 1st of January 00:00 is not a magical, life-changing one. News flash: 2021 will not spectacularly solve all of our problems. The start of this new year will not be the sudden end of systemic racism, poverty, child labour, oppression, sexism and the general marginalisation of “others”. Every societal change falls back on our responsibility. Each and every single decision we make is influential and creates change, sometimes big, sometimes small. 

However, I have to admit, the beginning of a new year always is a consciousness training. It makes us aware of the crushing reality: time (even though it technically is a social construct) keeps flowing like a river, the earth keeps revolving, and we all are mortal beings with a ticking clock. As I see it, many people fathom and fear that, in the improbable case of the end of the world, of Armageddon, their life would have amounted to nothing. They are, once again, reminded of the fact that, whatever aspirations they might have in life, they are connected to an expiration date, life’s expiration date. Therefore, the start of a new year often is fuel for motivation to pursue new ventures and delayed longed-for dreams, to improve certain skills and achieve personal enlightenment of sorts. 

Nevertheless, I doubt that this year will create a “new me”. I will be the same sporadic blogger, nihilist philosophist, sarcastic sceptic and activist-in-progress. I will attempt to educate myself and broaden my cognitive horizon as best as I can, presumably trying and failing and trying and failing and, again, trying and failing, on a path of learning like every other human being. 

Despite this cynical and bleak rant of mine, I hope you have a wonderful year 2021 and may you succeed in your ambitions.

Lots of love, 


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