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I assumed it was time for a little storytime, explicitly why I, a seventeen-year-old teenager, raised in a relatively sheltered environment, with no qualifications whatsoever to blog about life, politics and societal issues, continue to maintain this blog.

No greater agony than bearing an untold story in you

Above all, it is my passion to write about things of significance for me. Writing or, in a broader sense, words and the worlds created with them, have always been like a safe haven for me. Of course, technically, I do not need a blog for this, since I can write just for myself in any journal. However, this is where another aspect of my decision to blog comes in. Young people, meaning Gen Z and whatever names will be assigned to the succeeding generations, are the generations of the future. Yet, we rarely are actively shown this by adults or – more specifically – governments. Yes, adolescents are expected to act like adults but continually are treated like immature children and revoked of any responsibility on national or international levels. Yes, we are the generation of the future, which seemingly means the present is not our time to let our voices be heard. Yes, we will have to ensure human kind’s survival through the development of a more environmentally conscious society, but acting on it is a problem of our future. 

However, by retrospecting the last several months, the youth’s great involvement in social issues and political topics is evident. In numerous social movements and demonstrations – for example concerning climate justice, BLM and racial justice as well as bodily autonomy and rights to abort – young people were at the forefront, and still our perspectives are generally dismissed. Without any delusions of grandeur about the impact of my blog posts, I continue to carry a small glimmer of hope that the act of sharing my opinion can educate others and maybe inspires someone else to speak up. It is imperative to show younger generations that their voice can have a considerable impact. 

Diversifying our narrative

On a related note, I want to emphasise the following: As a white child born in Central-Europe to a middle-class family, I hold many privileges. I will only be able to give you the perspective of a white, cisgender, queer, liberal, agnostic, young woman. To perceive the world in its full beauty and gain genuine insights about it, one has to acquire a variety of viewpoints. There are certain narratives I cannot provide you. By reading posts on my blog, you might be able to tick off a few boxes on your “Diversifying my information intake”-list. Nevertheless, there are many boxes I cannot fill: those of people of colour, non-binary/non-gender or trans people as well as those of people with disabilities or those living in poverty (or those with exceptionally high income, for that matter). Moreover, I will not be able to give you a personal insight into the perspectives of those who are part of any group marginalised due to their race or religion or ethnic and cultural background.  

I really enjoy rambling about a diverse range of topics, including environmental and social issues alongside philosophical and scientific subject matters. However, I do not want to hold up space, where my voice does not belong. In case I ever leave the opposite impression on you as readers, I apologise. We, as a society, need to amplify all voices, not just palatable ones. 

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