[Poetry] black silk

black silk 

stretched over a skeleton, resistant

bones that have endured, in persistence

decades of oppression and strangulation

police brutality, in an attempt to get a confession

from the innocent 

regression, transgression, obsession

in possession 

centuries of slavery and bondage

time has gnawed on her bones

her muscles moaning in opposition

but love is her ammunition


black silk 

reminding of the dark night

her eyes the stars, sparkling

the volition to fight

a window to the past, obliviated

negation, annexation, deportation

the curtain of time 

pulled back by the nation 

a change of narration 

reminiscent of her past 

she inherited the earth, holy

generations pulsing through her veins, hot-blooded

her strength – rooted deep – outlasts


black silk 

her story in every fibre

woven from compassion 

from resilience, loyalty and morality

her substance 

embellished by ground-breaking 

game-changing, epoch-making 

women before her 

their stories in her fibre

breathtaking, earthshaking, lawmaking

accomplishments throughout history

the glory in her, however, unrecognised  

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