Black Lives Matter

Black lives matter today, tomorrow and every single day after that. All lives can not matter until all black lives matter. In all honesty, I was hesitant to write something about the current situation regarding the brutal police murders and the Black Lives Matter protests that spread from America to many other parts of the […]

[Poetry] black silk

black silk  stretched over a skeleton, resistant bones that have endured, in persistence decades of oppression and strangulation police brutality, in an attempt to get a confession from the innocent  regression, transgression, obsession in possession  centuries of slavery and bondage time has gnawed on her bones her muscles moaning in opposition but love is her ammunition   black […]

Racism: A Commonplace?

The series “When they see us”, playing in the 80s, shows: institutional racism is still an important topic after 30 years.   Tears of discomposure and dismay are usually not absent in the eyes of those who watch the series “When They See Us”. Based on the true story of the so-called Central Park Five […]

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